How to Shoot Pictures in the Rain!

Shooting pics in the rain is awesome. What are you afraid of getting wet??? Hustle your crew together, weather proof your camera and flashes and go get out there!

Marshall Manuel, powerslide Choose a lens, get your camera and fisheye protector. Today we are shooting with the Nikon D800, 10.5mm nikon, and PRO Fisheye Protector D810

Get a rain sleeve! We bought an OP TECH USA rain sleeve, size small, from Samy's Camera, 2 for $8.25. If your on a budget one can just use a clear plastic bag and slit a hole for the lens to tightly squeeze thru on the bottom. Either or works, the OP TECH is nice due to ergonomics and the draw string that can tighten around the lens is helpful though. Secure the rain sleeve on. Make sure it's tight on the lens. Wrap the Fisheye Protector over the lens and past the sleeve. For the flashes you can use a rain sleeve but we just found it easier to use a ziplock bag and a rubber band to hold the bag right up to where the flash pops off.

Letz get it!

Elijah Akerley kicks it off at the SOMA Park, mute air on the cruiser.

1/640 shutter speed at f4.5 iso 250

With photography the more light the better! But to keep things simple and portable in the rain just 2 flashpoint speed lights, set at 1/2 power, were used for most shots. Here one to the left as seen in the pic and the other hand held.

Brian Hamm hits up the pilar with a smith bash.

1/640 shutter speed f3.5 iso 250

Slippery when wet!


Now it's really starting to come down! Harrison Hafner bs lipslide

1/640 shutter speed f3.5 iso 250


Lets hit the streets!

Matthew Boggis from Australia jumped in on the session! bsts all day.

1/640 shutter speed f3.5 iso 250

Elijah with the boardslide tailgrab

1/640 shutter speed f3.2 iso 250

Brian Hamm pole jammer

1/640 shutter speed f5.6 iso 250

No flash used on this shot, run and gun style. Using shutter priority, auto ISO and +1 stop exposure compensation.

Is anyone's socks wet yet?

Marshall Manuel, wallie

1/125 shutter speed F8 iso 200

Nick Carracino with a soaking 360 flip attempt.

Shot on full frame mode (FX) with the nikon 10.5mm Nikon

1/125 Shutter speed f7.1 iso 200

Looks like the suns coming back to ruin our fun.

 Brian with the skitch.

Brian again with puddle carving shenanigans.

Elijah with a street gap ollie in the Mission District

1/640 shutter speed f2.8 iso 250 


So there you have it, a quick break down on how to shoot pics in the rain.

Want more info, perhaps your trying to film in the rain as well? Check out this previous blog post and video right here.

Please leave comments and questions below. Thanks for looking and please share!


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