INSERT 67mm designed for Rokinon/Samyang/Bower/Meike 8mm slr fisheye lens

Tadashi Filters

$ 5.00

This INSERT is an optional way to securely attach a Tadashi Filter to a Rokinon/Samyang/Bower/Meike 8mm dslr fisheye lens.

The user can opt out of using the shock absorbing protection feature by removing the Shock Bands and by inserting the INSERT between the lens and filter.

  • Will firmly locked in filter will prevent any jiggling during camera movement to the filter, which can be distracting in video footage.
  • A secured filter will keep dirt and dust off the surface of your fisheye and off of the inside of the filter for a cleaner shot.
  • During impact more pressure will be directed onto the lenses mount verses being distributed and absorbed by the Shock Bands.
  • INSERTS 67mm will only fit onto slr lenses. 67mm INSERTS will not fit for Cin or Mirrorless lenses.

INSERTS are compatible with The Hoodless Fisheye Protector and the Neutral Density Fisheye Filter.

*Ships USPS from Rochester, NY.

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