The MKII / Opteka Fisheye Protector

Tadashi Filters

$ 29.99

Helps protect the surface of the Century Precision Optics 0.3X Ultra Fisheye Adapter MKII (Mark 2) and is compatible with the Opteka 0.3X HD Ultra Fisheye Lens Adapter 52mm, 58mm, 62mm, and 72mm mount lenses.

  • 100% unobstructed field of view (no vignetting).
  • Attaches via a rubber band that goes into four slots in the corners.
  • Outside (convex side) coated with scratch resistant hard coating.
  • Lens hood must be removed for proper attachment of filter.

*Item includes: 1 microfiber carrying pouch, 1 attaching rubber band, and an extra rubber band.

*Shipping $2.60 via USPS from Rochester, NY ($16 international flat rate shipping. International taxes and duties fees may apply).

*SHIPPING to EUROPE?!? The MK2 and MK1 are also available for purchase at Faster shipping and avoid EU duties/taxes.

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