INSERT 74mm designed for Nikon 8-15mm fisheye lens

Tadashi Filters

$ 5.00

This INSERT is an optional way to securely attach a Tadashi Filter to a Nikon 8-15mm fisheye lens.

The user can opt out of using the shock absorbing protection feature by removing the Shock Bands and by inserting the INSERT between the lens and filter.

  • Will firmly locked in filter will prevent any jiggling during camera movement to the filter, which can be distracting in video footage.
  • A secured filter will keep dirt and dust off the surface of your fisheye and off of the inside of the filter for a cleaner shot.
  • During impact more pressure will be directed onto the lenses mount verses being distributed and absorbed by the Shock Bands.
  • INSERTS will only fit onto specificed lenses.


    INSERTS are compatible with the Hoodless Pro Fisheye Protector and the Neutral Density Fisheye Filter.

    *Ships USPS from Rochester, NY

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